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Craigavon ( kray-GAV-ən) (Irish: Creag Abhann) is a town in northern County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Its construction began in 1965 and it was named after the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland: James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon. It was intended to be the heart of a new linear city incorporating Lurgan and Portadown, but this plan was mostly abandoned and later described as having been flawed. Among local people today, "Craigavon" refers to the area between the two towns. It is built beside a pair of artificial lakes and is made up of a large residential area (Brownlow), a second smaller one (Mandeville), plus a central area (Highfield) that includes a substantial shopping centre, a courthouse and the district council headquarters. The area around the lakes is a public park and wildlife haven made up of woodland with walking trails. There is also a watersports centre, golf course and ski slope in the area. In most of Craigavon, motor vehicles are completely separated from pedestrians, and roundabouts are used extensively. It hosted the headquarters of the former Craigavon Borough Council.

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Craigavon (en irlandais : Creag Abhann) est une ville d'Irlande du Nord. Elle est située dans le comté d'Armagh, entre les villes de Portadown et Lurgan, non loin du Lough Neagh.

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name: Craigavon
note: Import of NI places and POIs from GNS Dataset
place: town
gns:FC: P
gns:RC: 1
source: gns_ni
gns:CC1: UK
gns:JOG: NN29-06
gns:LAT: 54.466667
gns:UFI: 9184450
gns:UNI: 9242390
name:mk: Крејгавон
gns:ADM1: R8
gns:LONG: -6.416667
gns:MGRS: 29UPA6741838518
wikidata: Q1004085
wikipedia: en:Craigavon, County Armagh
population: 57651
gns:DMS_LAT: 542800
gns:N:xx:NT: N
gns:DMS_LONG: -62500
is_in:country: Northern Ireland
gns:N:xx:FULL_NAME: Craigavon
gns:N:xx:MODIFY_DATE: 2004-10-06
gns:N:xx:FULL_NAME_ND: Craigavon

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