Port Authority Trans-Hudson (Q1055811)

Wikidata location: 40.7313, -74.0593 view on OSM or edit on OSM


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way: PATH (OSM), 0.71 miles from Wikidata [show tags]
name: PATH
gauge: 1435
layer: -3
tunnel: yes
railway: subway
voltage: 650
operator: PATH
frequency: 0
electrified: rail

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rail guided transport (Q350783) railway

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Railroad tunnels in New Jersey type=tunnel, tunnel
Railway lines opened in 1908 route=subway, route=train, type=route
Railway tunnels in New York City type=tunnel, tunnel
Underground rapid transit in the United States building=train_station, public_transport=stop_area, railway=historic_station, railway=halt, public_transport=station, railway=station, railway=tram_stop