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Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Navan Fort (Old Irish: Emain Macha [ˈeṽənʲ ˈṽaxə]; Modern Irish: Eamhain Mhacha [ˌəunʲ ˈwaxə]) is an ancient ceremonial monument near Armagh, Northern Ireland. According to tradition it was one of the great royal sites of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland and the capital of the Ulaidh. It is a large circular hilltop enclosure—marked by a bank and ditch—inside which is a circular mound and the remains of a ring barrow. Archeological investigations show that there were once buildings on the site, including a huge roundhouse-like structure that has been likened to a temple. In a ritual act, this timber structure was filled with stones, deliberately burnt down and then covered with earth to create the mound which stands today. It is believed that Navan was a pagan ceremonial site and was regarded as a sacred space. It features prominently in Irish mythology, especially in the tales of the Ulster Cycle. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, "the [Eamhain Mhacha] of myth and legend is a far grander and mysterious place than archeological excavation supports".

Summary from Français / French Wikipedia (frwiki)

Eamhain Mhacha [ˈawnʲ ˈwaxə] (du vieil irlandais Emain Macha [ˈeənʲ ˈaxə] ; en anglais : Navan Fort [ˈnævfɔːt]), dans la mythologie celtique irlandaise, est le nom de la résidence du roi d’Ulster Conchobar Mac Nessa. Il lui a été donné par la déesse Macha (plaine) des Tuatha Dé Danann, qui est un avatar de Morrigan.

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