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Killeen or Killean (from Irish: Cillín) is a small village and townland in the civil parish of Killeavy, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It lies about four miles (6.5 km) south of Newry, near the border with County Louth in the Republic of Ireland.

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relation: County Armagh (OSM)exact location match [show tags]
name: County Armagh
place: county
name:en: County Armagh
name:ga: Contae Ard Mhacha
name:ur: کاؤنٹی آرما
boundary: historic
wikidata: Q192761
wikipedia: en:County Armagh
admin_level: 6
is_in:state: Northern Ireland
logainm:ref: 100001
is_in:country: United Kingdom
placenamesni:ref: 35442

wikidata mismatch: Q192761
node: Killean (OSM), 322 metres from Wikidata [show tags]
name: Killean
place: village
name:en: Killean
name:ga: Cillín
population: 75
wikipedia:en: Killean, County Armagh

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