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Lurgan (from Irish: An Lorgain, meaning 'the long low ridge') is a town in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, near the southern shore of Lough Neagh. Lurgan is about 18 miles (29 km) south-west of Belfast and is linked to the city by both the M1 motorway and the Belfast–Dublin railway line. It had a population of about 25,000 at the 2011 Census and is within the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon district. For some purposes, Lurgan is treated as part of the "Craigavon Urban Area" along with neighbouring Craigavon and Portadown.

Summary from Français / French Wikipedia (frwiki)

Lurgan (irlandais : An Lorgain, qui signifie « la longue crête ») est une ville du comté d'Armagh en Irlande du Nord. La ville est située sur la rive sud du Lough Neagh et dans l’angle nord-est du comté. Faisant partie du Craigavon Borough Council, Lurgan se trouve à 29 km au sud-ouest de Belfast et est reliée à la plus grande ville d’Irlande du Nord par l’autoroute M1 et par la ligne ferroviaire reliant Dublin et Belfast. Lurgan compte environ 23 000 habitants depuis le recensement de 2001.

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relation: Lurgan (OSM)exact location match [show tags]
name: Lurgan
place: locality
name:en: Lurgan
name:ga: An Lorgain
boundary: administrative
locality: townland
admin_level: 10
logainm:ref: 1411854
source:name:ga: McKay, P. 2007:102
placenamesni:ref: 11112
way: Lurgan (OSM)exact location match [show tags]
name: Lurgan
place: town
name:mk: Лурган
population: 25069
node: Lurgan (OSM), 0.50 miles from Wikidata [show tags]
name: Lurgan
note: Import of NI places and POIs from GNS Dataset
place: town
gns:FC: P
gns:RC: 1
source: gns_ni
gns:CC1: UK
gns:DSG: PPL
gns:JOG: NN29-06
gns:LAT: 54.466667
gns:UFI: -2602275
gns:UNI: -3578617
name:ga: An Lorgain
name:mk: Лурган
gns:ADM1: 00
gns:LONG: -6.333333
gns:MGRS: 29UPA7281838719
wikidata: Q1702713
wikipedia: en:Lurgan
gns:DMS_LAT: 542800
gns:N:xx:NT: N
gns:V:xx:NT: V
gns:DMS_LONG: -62000
is_in:country: Northern Ireland
gns:N:xx:FULL_NAME: Lurgan
gns:V:xx:FULL_NAME: An Lorgain
gns:N:xx:MODIFY_DATE: 1994-01-13
gns:V:xx:MODIFY_DATE: 1994-01-13
gns:N:xx:FULL_NAME_ND: Lurgan
gns:V:xx:FULL_NAME_ND: An Lorgain

wikidata match: Q1702713

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