Hersleb videregående skole (Q19374232)

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node: Hersleb videregående skole (OSM), 67 m from Wikidata [show tags]
fee: no
name: Hersleb videregående skole
email: herslebvgspost@ude.oslo.kommune.no
phone: +47 23 46 41 00
source: https://hersleb.vgs.no/
amenity: school
ref:vgs: 3028
website: https://hersleb.vgs.no/
capacity: 95
operator: Oslo kommune
addr:city: Oslo
addr:street: Herslebs gate
designation: Videregående skole
isced:level: 3
ref:udir_nsr: 1011790
addr:postcode: 0561
operator:type: public
addr:housenumber: 20B

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