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Tandragee (from Irish: Tóin re Gaoith, meaning 'backside to the wind') is a village in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It is built on a hillside overlooking the Cusher River, in the civil parish of Ballymore and the historic barony of Orior Lower. It had a population of 3,486 people in the 2011 Census.

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node: Tandragee (OSM), 481 metres from Wikidata [show tags]
name: Tandragee
note: Import of NI places and POIs from GNS Dataset
place: village
gns:FC: P
gns:RC: 1
source: gns_ni
gns:CC1: UK
gns:DSG: PPL
gns:JOG: NN29-06
gns:LAT: 54.35
gns:UFI: -2609382
gns:UNI: -3587339
name:en: Tandragee
name:ga: Tóin re Gaoith
name:mk: Тандраги
gns:ADM1: 00
gns:LONG: -6.416667
gns:MGRS: 29UPA6789425540
wikidata: Q2018299
population: 3486
gns:DMS_LAT: 542100
gns:N:xx:NT: N
gns:V:xx:NT: V
gns:DMS_LONG: -62500
is_in:country: Northern Ireland
gns:N:xx:FULL_NAME: Tandragee
gns:V:xx:FULL_NAME: Tanderagee
gns:N:xx:MODIFY_DATE: 1994-01-13
gns:V:xx:MODIFY_DATE: 1994-01-13
gns:N:xx:FULL_NAME_ND: Tandragee
gns:V:xx:FULL_NAME_ND: Tanderagee

wikidata match: Q2018299

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