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The Random House Tower, also known as the Park Imperial Apartments, is a 52-story mixed-use tower in New York City, United States, which is owned by real estate companies SL Green Realty and Ivanhoé Cambridge, with the office portion leased as the headquarters to book publisher Random House from the beginning and its parent company Penguin Random House (formed in 2013) since 2016, giving the building its name; a luxury apartment complex follows above the offices. The PRH entrance is on Broadway and goes up to 27 floors, while the apartment complex entrance is on West 56th Street. Rising to 684 ft (208 m), it is the 77th tallest building in New York.

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La Random House Tower and Park Imperial es un rascacielos de uso mixto de 52 plantas[1]​ situado en Nueva York, Estados Unidos, que contiene la sede de Random House y unos apartamentos de lujo llamados Park Imperial. La entrada de la editorial es por Broadway y llega hasta la planta 27, mientras que la entrada de los apartamentos está en la Calle 56.

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