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40 Wall Street, also known as the Trump Building, is a 71-story, 927-foot-tall (283 m) neo-Gothic skyscraper between Nassau Street and William Street in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City. Erected in 1929-1930 as the headquarters of the Manhattan Company, the building was originally known as the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building, and also as the Manhattan Company Building, until its founding tenant merged to form the Chase Manhattan Bank. It was designed by H. Craig Severance with Yasuo Matsui and Shreve & Lamb.

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The Trump Building es un rascacielos de 283 metros situado en el número 40 de Wall Street, Nueva York, Estados Unidos. Llamado originalmente Bank of Manhattan Trust Building,[3]​ y también conocido como Manhattan Company Building,[4]​ posteriormente se llamó 40 Wall Street, su dirección, cuando su dueño original se fusionó para formar el Chase Manhattan Bank.[5]​ El edificio, situado entre las calles Nassau y William de Manhattan, se completó en 1930 tras solo once meses de construcción.

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name: 40 Wall Street
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wikidata: Q218305
addr:city: New York
wikipedia: en:40 Wall Street
addr:state: NY
start_date: 1930
addr:street: Wall Street
nycdoitt:bin: 1001018
addr:postcode: 10005
gnis:feature_id: 2057536
addr:housenumber: 40

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name: Send A Package Inc.
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website: sendapackage.com
addr:state: NY
addr:street: Wall Street
addr:postcode: 10005
addr:housenumber: 40

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