Flatiron Building (Q220728)

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way: Flatiron Building (house name: Flatiron) (OSM), 2 feet from Wikidata [show tags]
name: Flatiron Building
height: 86
name:en: Flatiron Building
name:es: Edificio Flatiron
name:fa: ساختمان فلاتایرون
name:he: בניין פלאטאיירון
name:ko: 플랫아이언 빌딩
name:ru: Флэтайрон-билдинг
tourism: attraction
building: office
old_name: Fuller Building
ref:nrhp: 79001603
wikidata: Q220728
addr:city: New York
wikipedia: en:Flatiron Building
roof:shape: flat
start_date: 1902
addr:street: 5th Avenue
designation: Office building
nycdoitt:bin: 1016278
addr:postcode: 10010
addr:housename: Flatiron
building:levels: 22
addr:housenumber: 175

wikidata match: Q220728

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office building (Q1021645) building=office, office
place listed on the National Register of Historic Places (Q19558910) heritage:operator=nrhp
building (Q41176) building=yes, building

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Office buildings completed in 1902 building=office, landuse=commercial, building=commercial, office
Office buildings on the National Register of Historic Places in Manhattan boundary=protected_area, building=commercial, historic, building=office, office, landuse=commercial
Skyscraper office buildings in Manhattan building=office, landuse=commercial, building=commercial, office