432 Park Avenue (Q233940)

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way: 432 Park Avenue (OSM), 52 feet from Wikidata [show tags]
name: 432 Park Avenue
building: residential
wikidata: Q233940
addr:city: New York
wikipedia: en:432 Park Avenue
start_date: 2015
addr:street: Park Avenue
addr:postcode: 10022
addr:housenumber: 432

wikidata match: Q233940

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residential building (Q11755880) building=residential
apartment building (Q13402009) building=apartments
high-rise building (Q18142) amenity=shelter
building (Q41176) building=yes, building
residence (Q699405) amenity=shelter

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Residential buildings completed in 2015 building=apartments, landuse=residential, building=house, building=residential
Residential skyscrapers in Manhattan height, building:levels
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