St. James's Square (Q500529)

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way: St James's Square Gardens (OSM)exact location match [show tags]
name: St James's Square Gardens
access: permissive
leisure: park
opening_hours: Mo-Fr 10:00-16:30
wikidata: Q500529

wikidata match: Q500529
way: St. James's Park (OSM), 486 metres from Wikidata [show tags]
name: St. James's Park
access: yes
leisure: park
name:cy: Parc Iago Sant
name:en: St. James's Park
name:ru: Сент-Джеймсский парк
name:zh: 圣詹姆士公园
loc_name: St. James's Park
wikidata: Q216914
wikipedia: en:St James's Park
opening_hours: Mo-Su 05:00-00:00

wikidata mismatch: Q216914

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garden (Q1107656) leisure=garden
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