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Lenox Avenue – also named Malcolm X Boulevard; both names are officially recognized – is the primary north–south route through Harlem in the upper portion of the New York City borough of Manhattan. This two-way street runs from Farmers' Gate at Central Park North (110th Street) to 147th Street. Its traffic is figuratively described as "Harlem's heartbeat" by Langston Hughes in his poem Juke Box Love Song. The IRT Lenox Avenue Line runs under the entire length of the street, serving the New York City Subway's 2 and ​3 trains.

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El Malcolm X Boulevard (antiguamente llamada Avenida Lenox ) es la principal ruta norte-sur que atraviesa Harlem en la parte superior del barrio de Manhattan en Nueva York. Esta vía de doble sentido va de la Farmer's Gate en Central Park North (Calle 110) a la Calle 147.[1]

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