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Substation 219, also known as the Harlem Substation, is a historic electrical substation located in Harlem, New York, New York. It was constructed by the Independent Subway System in 1932 to provide power to the IND Eighth Avenue Line. It is a single-story, double-height masonry building in the Art Deco style. It features a low brick parapet topped by a band of limestone coping and a limestone frieze consisting of diamond-shaped limestone pieces and a brick chevron pattern. The main entrance doors are faced in aluminium and incorporate Art Deco-style geometric motifs.

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way: Substation 219 (OSM), 3 feet from Wikidata [show tags]
name: Substation 219
power: substation
height: 16.5
alt_name: Harlem Substation
building: service
operator: New York City Transit Authority
wikidata: Q7632100
wikipedia: en:Substation_219
substation: traction
addr:street: West 133rd Street
nycdoitt:bin: 1059447
addr:postcode: 10030
addr:housenumber: 311

wikidata match: Q7632100

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