UCL Main Building (Q7864083)

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name: University College London
amenity: university
name:ja: ユニバーシティ・カレッジ・ロンドン
name:zh: 伦敦大学学院
short_name: UCL
wheelchair: yes
name:zh_pinyin: Lúndūn Dàxué Xuéyuàn
internet_access: wlan
toilets:wheelchair: yes
internet_access:ssid: eduroam
wikidata: Q7864083

wikidata match: Q7864083

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Grade I listed building (Q15700818) listed_status=Grade_I
university building (Q19844914) amenity=university, building=university
building (Q41176) building=yes, building

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University College London amenity=university, site=university, building=university, type=site