Winter Garden Atrium (Q8026225)

Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

The Winter Garden Atrium is a 10-story glass-vaulted pavilion on Vesey Street in New York City's Brookfield Place (formerly World Financial Center) office complex. Designed by Diana Balmori, the Atrium was originally constructed in 1988, and substantially rebuilt in 2002, after it was damaged by the collapse of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks. The Atrium houses various plants, trees and flowers, and shops. The rear of the building opens onto the World Financial Center Plaza and the North Cove Yacht Harbor on the Hudson River.

Summary from Español / Spanish Wikipedia (eswiki)

El Winter Garden Atrium es un pabellón abovedado de cristal de 10 plantas en Brookfield Place, Nueva York. Originalmente construido en 1988 y substancialmente reconstruido en 2002, el atrio posee varias plantas, árboles y flores, y tiendas. La parte trasera del edificio se abre sobre la plaza del World Financial Center y el North Cove Yacht Harbor del Río Hudson.

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