Beverley Minster (Q851660)

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Beverley Minster in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, is a parish church in the Church of England. It is one of the largest parish churches in the UK, larger than one-third of all English cathedrals and regarded as a gothic masterpiece by many.

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Le Beverley Minster est une église située à Beverley, en Angleterre. C'est l'une des plus grandes églises paroissiales d'Angleterre.

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name: Beverley Minster
note: nave & main transept surveyed by GPS, accuracy ~ 8m; choir not accurate enough, extrapolated
fixme: needs additional external survey input
phone: +44 1482 868540
source: survey
amenity: place_of_worship
tourism: attraction
building: yes
religion: christian
wikidata: Q851660
wikipedia: en:Beverley Minster
wheelchair: yes
denomination: anglican

wikidata match: Q851660

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