Al Kadhimiyah (Q97098281)

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node: الكاظمية (OSM), 0 m from Wikidata [show tags]
name: الكاظمية
place: suburb
capital: 6
name:en: Al Kadhimiyah
name:fa: کاظمین
alt_name: Al Kadhimiyah, Al Kādhimain, Al Kāz̧imīyah, Kādhimain, Kadhimiya, Kādhmain, Kazimain, Al Kadhimain, Al Kazimiyah, Kadhimain, Kadhimiya, Kadhmain, Kazimain
int_name: Al Kadhimiyah, الكاظمية
operator:wikidata: Q97098281
wikidata: Q97098281

wikidata match: Q97098281

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