Aarle-Rixtel, Laarbeek, MRE, North Brabant, Netherlands, The Netherlands
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Heikant, Laarbeek (Q2138269) search tags: place, place=hamlet

statue of Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ (Q2383458) search tags: artwork_type=sculpture, artwork_type=statue, tourism=artwork

Kapel van Onze Lieve Vrouw in 't Zand (Q17611354) search tags: amenity=place_of_worship, building=chapel, building=church, religion=christian

Het Laar (Q1818176) search tags: place, place=hamlet

Kouwenbergs kerkje (Q5128999) search tags: amenity=place_of_worship, building=church, religion=christian

Croy Castle (Q1918429) search tags: building=castle, building=ruins, historic=archaeological_site, historic=castle, historic=ruins, historic=tower_house, tourism=attraction

Strijp (Q2286139) search tags: place, place=hamlet