Town of Salina

Town of Salina, Onondaga County, New York, United States of America
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Town of Salina is small (40.32 km²), you might consider a larger enclosing area:

  • Onondaga County administrative boundary (admin level: 6) — area: 2,085.81 km²

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Lucius Gleason House (Q6697541) – historic building in New York (state)
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

The Lucius Gleason House, also known as Liverpool Village Hall and as the Gleason Mansion, is a historic home located at Liverpool, Onondaga County, New York. It was built about 1860, and is a large two-story, Italianate style, stuccoed brick dwelling. It has a telescoping plan with a two-story, hip roofed main block; followed by a smaller two-story, gable roofed wing; and a 1 1/2-story gabled appendage. The Gleason Mansion is now home to the Liverpool Village Museum and Historian's office. Operated by the Liverpool Historical Association, the museum features changing exhibits about local history.

NRHP reference number: 90000693

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