Match: Q2335685 + relation/5703875

  • Wikidata: Leigh (Q2335685)
  • OSM: Leigh (relation 5703875)
  • matcher place: Dorset (relation 74392), West Dorset (relation 1955068), Dorset (relation 2698375)
  • Wikidata and OSM exact location match
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • English Wikipedia categories: Villages in Dorset
  • Tags from Wikidata and Wikipedia: admin_level, boundary=administrative, boundary=civil_parish, designation=civil_parish, place, place=village
Wikidata location: 50.8745, -2.5461 view on OSM

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OSM tag name=Leigh matches Leigh in these Wikidata fields:

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OSM tag name=Leigh matches Leigh, Dorset in these Wikidata fields:

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OSM tag name=Leigh matches Leigh, parish church of St. Andrew in these Wikidata fields:

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Villages in Dorset landuse=residential, place