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OSM tag name=Royal Academy of Arts matches Royal Academy of Arts in these Wikidata fields:

  • label: pl
  • label: es
  • label: it
  • label: de
  • label: id
  • label: en
  • label: sv
  • label: nl
  • label: tr
  • label: ca
  • label: fi
  • label: cs
  • label: nn
  • label: en-gb
  • sitelink: cawiki
  • sitelink: cswiki
  • sitelink: dewiki
  • sitelink: enwiki
  • sitelink: eswiki
  • sitelink: fiwiki
  • sitelink: idwiki
  • sitelink: itwiki
  • sitelink: nlwiki
  • sitelink: nnwiki
  • sitelink: plwiki
  • sitelink: svwiki
  • sitelink: trwiki
  • alias: fr
  • alias: th
  • commonscat: None
  • nativelabel: en
  • extract: enwiki

OSM tag name=Royal Academy of Arts matches Royal Academy of Art in these Wikidata fields:

  • alias: sv

OSM tag alt_name=RA matches RA in these Wikidata fields:

  • alias: en
  • alias: mk
  • extract: enwiki

OSM tag alt_name=RA matches R.A. in these Wikidata fields:

  • alias: en

OSM tag addr:housename=Burlington House matches Burlington House in these Wikidata fields:

  • image: None

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