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  • Wikidata: Cine López de Hoyos (Q37468956)
  • OSM: Holiday Gym (node 3265633898)
  • matcher place: Chamartín (relation 356983), Madrid (relation 5326784)
  • distance between Wikidata coordinates and OSM location: 3 m
  • Tags from Wikidata and Wikipedia: amenity=cinema, amenity=gym, amenity=public_building, building, building=public, building=yes, leisure=fitness_centre, sport
Wikidata location: 40.4433, -3.6755 view on OSM

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OSM tag name=Holiday Gym matches Holiday Gym in these Wikidata fields:

  • alias: en

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Luiyo reported this as a bad match (20:00 Wed, 06 Feb 2019)

a cinema is not a gym