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OSM tag name=Bunhill Fields matches Bunhill Fields in these Wikidata fields:

  • label: de
  • label: en
  • label: it
  • label: ms
  • label: pl
  • label: nl
  • label: af
  • label: nb
  • label: pt-br
  • sitelink: afwiki
  • sitelink: commonswiki
  • sitelink: dewiki
  • sitelink: enwiki
  • sitelink: itwiki
  • sitelink: mswiki
  • sitelink: nowiki
  • sitelink: plwiki
  • alias: fr
  • commonscat: None
  • extract: enwiki

OSM tag name=Bunhill Fields matches Bunhill fields in these Wikidata fields:

  • label: sv
  • sitelink: svwiki

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Cemeteries in London amenity=grave_yard, landuse=cemetery
Grade I listed parks and gardens in London natural=wood, leisure=common, landuse=recreation_ground, leisure=garden, leisure=park, boundary=national_park
Parks and open spaces in the London Borough of Islington leisure=park, boundary=national_park, leisure=common, landuse=recreation_ground
Parks and open spaces of the City of London Corporation leisure=park, boundary=national_park, leisure=common, landuse=recreation_ground
Protestant Reformed cemeteries amenity=grave_yard, landuse=cemetery