Madison Park

Madison Park, Baltimore, Maryland, 21217-3630, United States
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Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Synagogue (Q4852869)
item type: synagogue
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Synagogue, now known as Berea Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church, is a historic synagogue building located in the Madison Park neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The former synagogue, built as an early home of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, is built of ashlar gray granite from Port Deposit, Maryland. It is a well-executed, 19th century version of a Byzantine church, designed by Charles L. Carson, a Baltimore architect. It features a large central dome, 40 feet in diameter, resting on a high octagonal drum pierced by rectangular windows of stained glass and two tall octagonal towers flanking the main entrance.

NRHP reference number: 76002181

This item might be defunct. The English Wikipedia article is in these categories: Former synagogues in Maryland
Maryland Office of the Comptroller (Q6781407)
item type: revenue service / state agency of the United States
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

The Maryland Office of the Comptroller is a state agency charged with the fiscal responsibilities of the state of Maryland. It is the state equivalent of the United States Internal Revenue Service.