Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway
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Dagens Næringsliv (Q780402)

Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian for "Today's Business"), commonly known as DN, is a Norwegian newspaper specializing in business news. As of 2015, it is the third largest newspaper in Norway. Amund Djuve has been the paper's editor-in-chief since 2000.

University Botanical Garden (Q3116396)

The University Botanical Garden (Botanisk hage) is Norway's oldest botanical garden. It was first established in 1814 and is administrated by the University of Oslo. It is situated in the neighborhood of Tøyen in Oslo, Norway.

Norwegian National Academy of Theatre (Q1772730)

The Norwegian National Academy of Theatre (Norwegian: Statens teaterhøgskole) was established as a three-year theater-education in 1953, under the name of Statens teaterskole.

Sinsenparken (Q19388524)

Sinsenparken is a park between Lørenveien and Gjøvikbanen at Sinsen, in Oslo, Norway. The 21.2 acre park is used for recreational purposes. The area is bounded by 6 storey residential buildings on three sides, and has Sinsen Church framing the south. There is a leisure and recreation area for the community, which is used for exercise, dog walking, games, sunbathing, barbecuing, social gatherings and other recreation. The entire surface is covered with grass, and in the northeastern part of the park are some tall trees. In the park stands a memorial in remembrance of the 24 Sinsen residents who fell during World War II. The monument was unveiled by Alfred Seland in September 1949.

Alexander Kiellands plass (Q4587519)

Alexander Kiellands plass is a square in Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway. The square is located at Ila between Uelands gate, Maridalsveien and Waldemar Thranes gate, is 8,66 acres big and has the shape of a triangle with two long sides of ca. 260 meters and a short side of ca. 100 meters.

Carl Berners plass (Q5039902)

Carl Berners plass is a square in Oslo, Norway. It is located in the borough Helsfyr, south of Sinsen. The Sinsen Line of the Oslo Tramway runs over the square. The colloquial expression for the square is just "Carl Berner". Around the square is a large number of shops as well as inexpensive restaurants. At the southern end of the area is the large Tøyen Park.

Carl Fredriksens Transport (Q5040175)

Carl Fredriksens Transport was the code name for an operation during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany to help Jews and other persecuted Norwegians escape persecution, deportation, and murder in death camps.

Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio (Q7050701)

The Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio (Norwegian: Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio) is a private college located in Oslo, Norway. It focuses on subjects related to stage, studio, film and television, and is one of the largest educational centers in the Nordic countries with this specific theme.

Hausmania (Q5682849)

Hausmania is a self-governed cultural house in Oslo, Norway. It is run by a group of underground artists based on collectivist ideology. It is located in Hausmannsgate 34 in Oslo and is a fertile ground for avant-garde art. Also, next door it contains the experimental music venue Kafe Hærverk

Christiania Burgher School (Q17762302)

Christiania Burgher School (Christiania Borger- og Realskole or Christiania Borgerskole, commonly known as Borgerskolen) was a private middle school in Christiania, Norway. It was founded in 1812 and prepared pupils for enrollment at Oslo Cathedral School.

Peer Gynt Sculpture Park (Q7160374)

Peer Gynt Sculpture Park (Peer Gynt-parken) is a sculpture park located in Oslo, Norway. The sculpture park was created in honour of the man who is perhaps Norway’s most internationally known writer, Henrik Ibsen and is a monumental presentation of one of his most famous plays Peer Gynt, act by act.