Avonmouth Ward

Avonmouth Ward, Bristol, City of Bristol, West of England, England, United Kingdom
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M5 motorway (Q1824663)
item type: controlled-access highway
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

The M5 is a motorway in England linking the Midlands with the South West. It runs from junction 8 of the M6 at West Bromwich near Birmingham to Exeter in Devon. Heading south-west, the M5 runs east of West Bromwich and west of Birmingham through Sandwell Valley. It continues past Bromsgrove (and from Birmingham and Bromsgrove is part of the Birmingham Motorway Box), Droitwich Spa, Worcester, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Clevedon, Weston-super-Mare, Bridgwater, Taunton, terminating at junction 31 for Exeter. Congestion on the section south of the M4 is common during the summer holidays, on Friday afternoons and bank holidays.

Horseshoe Bend, Shirehampton (Q5905975)
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Horseshoe Bend, Shirehampton (grid reference ST542767) is an 11 acre (4.45 hectare) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Bristol, England, on the north bank of a lower, tidal stretch of the River Avon, 1.9 miles (3.1 kilometres) downstream from the Avon Gorge, and just east of the village of Shirehampton. It was notified as an SSSI in 1999.

Kings Weston Roman Villa (Q6413039)
item type: archaeological site / roman villa / Roman building
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Kings Weston Roman Villa is a Roman villa in Lawrence Weston in the north-west of Bristol (grid reference ST533775). The villa was discovered during the construction of the Lawrence Weston housing estate in 1947. Two distinct buildings (Eastern and Western) were discovered. The Eastern building was fully excavated (in 1948–50), the other lies mostly below Long Cross road. Finds from the site are now held in the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.

website: http://www.bristol.gov.uk/ccm/content/Leisure-Culture/Museums-Galleries/bristols-kings-weston-roman-villa.en?#internalSection1

Lamplighters Marsh (Q6482454)
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Lamplighters Marsh (grid reference ST524764) is a public open space and local nature reserve near Shirehampton in the city of Bristol, England. It is a narrow strip of land between the railway line which connects Bristol to Avonmouth, and the River Avon.

Bristol Port Railway and Pier (Q12053591)
item type: railroad
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

The Bristol Port Railway and Pier (occasionally referred to as the Bristol Port and Pier Railway) was a railway in Bristol, England.

This item might be defunct. The English Wikipedia article is in these categories: Closed railway lines in South West England, Railway lines closed in 1922
Portishead Pier to Black Nore SSSI (Q7231833)
item type: protected area
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Portishead Pier to Black Nore SSSI (grid reference ST474778) is a 71.8 hectare geological Site of Special Scientific Interest near the town of Portishead in North Somerset, notified in 1952.

Port of Bristol (Q7231091)
item type: port
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

The Port of Bristol comprises the commercial, and former commercial, docks situated in and near the city of Bristol in England. The Port of Bristol Authority was the commercial title of the Bristol City, Avonmouth, Portishead and Royal Portbury Docks when they were operated by Bristol City Council, which ceased trade when the Avonmouth and Royal Portbury Docks were leased to The Bristol Port Company in 1991.

Chittening (Q5102484)
item type: neighborhood
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Chittening is an industrial estate in Avonmouth, Bristol, England, bypassed by the A403 road, near the River Severn. It lies within the city boundary of Bristol, in Avonmouth ward, but used to be beyond it, in historic Gloucestershire, on former marshland at the southern end of the Vale of Berkeley.

Avonmouth explosion (Q103820558)
item type: explosion
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

On 3 December 2020, at about 11:20 GMT, a silo containing biosolids exploded in Avonmouth, Bristol, UK, killing four men, including a 16-year old apprentice, and injuring another person. Avon and Somerset Police declared a major incident, and a doctor and specialist paramedic in critical care from the nearby Great Western Air Ambulance headquarters attended the incident by both their rapid response car and emergency helicopter.

National Highways (Q5760006)
item type: organization
Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

National Highways, formerly the Highways Agency and later Highways England, is a government-owned company charged with operating, maintaining and improving motorways and major A roads in England. It also sets highways standards used by all four UK administrations, through the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. Within England, it operates information services through the provision of on-road signage and its Traffic England website, provides traffic officers to deal with incidents on its network, and manages the delivery of improvement schemes to the network.

website: https://highwaysengland.co.uk/, https://nationalhighways.co.uk/

Jubilee Drinking Fountain (Q26580477)
item type: fountain

National Heritage List for England number: 1292465

Home Farmhouse (Q26497957)
item type: farmhouse

National Heritage List for England number: 1202335

Shirehampton War Memorial (Q26677828)
item type: memorial

National Heritage List for England number: 1432499

The Mere Bank and flanking ditches (Q17665208)
item type: archaeological site

National Heritage List for England number: 1020664

The Tithe Barn (Q26581108)
item type: barn

National Heritage List for England number: 1293150

Avonmouth Library (Q55173326)
item type: public library

Street address: Avonmouth Library, Avonmouth Road, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9EN (from Wikidata)

website: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/libraries-archives/library-finder/-/journal_content/56/20195/LIBRARY-UPRN-000000010908/LIBRARY-DISPLAY

Lawrence Weston Library (Q55173348)
item type: public library

Street address: Lawrence Weston Library, Ridingleaze House, Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, BS11 0QE (from Wikidata)

The Cottage (Q26498214)
item type: cottage

National Heritage List for England number: 1202621

Park House (Q26504865)
item type: house

National Heritage List for England number: 1209818

21, Park Hill (Q26528101)
item type: building

National Heritage List for England number: 1234714

103, Station Road (Q26580953)
item type: building

National Heritage List for England number: 1292983