Vinohrady, Prague, okres Hlavní město Praha, Hlavní město Praha, Prague, Czechia
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Prague uprising (Q666778)

The Prague uprising (Czech: Pražské povstání) was an attempt by the Czech resistance to liberate the city of Prague from German occupation during World War II. Events began on May 5, 1945, in the last moments of the war in Europe. The uprising went on until May 8, 1945, ending in a ceasefire between the Czech resistance and the German army, which decided to leave Prague on the same day. Next morning, the Red Army entered the nearly liberated city.

Vinohrady tram depot (Q11936261)

Vinohrady tram depot (Czech: Vozovna Královské Vinohrady) is a former tram and trolleybus depot at Vinohrady that was part of the Prague tram network from 1897. The last Prague trolley bus left from here in 1972.

Liber viaticus of Johannes Noviforensis (Q20755471)

Liber viaticus is a breviary made sometime in the 1350s, at the latest in 1364, for Bishop John of Neumarkt. This is an illuminated manuscript of 319 sheets in relatively good condition preserved to this day (not the original binding) and deposited in the National Museum Library, Prague (sign. XIII A 12).

Battle for Czech Radio (Q4870163)

The Battle for Czechoslovak Radio was a major part of the Prague uprising during World War II. Plans for the liberation of the radio station were prepared by Captain Valter in late April 1945. Captain Palička and Captain Valter grouped their forces so as to attack the building. The fierce battle resulted in a victory of the Czech fighters.

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (Q2666032)

The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (Symfonický orchestr Českého rozhlasu) is based in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Šalounova vila (Q10396692)

Šaloun Villa or Šalounova vila is a studio in Prague designed by and for the sculptor Ladislav Šaloun. The villa was designed and built to construct the Jan Hus Memorial but it was also a meeting place for the Czech intelligentsia. Today the building has been restored and it is used for education.

Lauder Schools of Prague (Q6497837)

The Lauder Schools of Prague are the only Jewish schools in Prague and in the entire Czech Republic. The schools consists of an elementary school called The Lauder Gur Arje Jewish Day School and a secondary school called The Lauder Or Chadaš Jewish Community High School. The names of the schools refer to an important figure of the Jewish Ghetto in Prague, Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, who was also known as the Maharal of Prague and Rabbi Loew.

Prague 2 (Q2444636)

Prague 2, formally the Prague 2 Municipal District (Městská čast Praha 2), is a second-tier municipality in Prague. It is co-extensive with the national administrative district (správní obvod) of the same name.

Prague College (Q3401223)

Prague College is an English-language private university based in Prague and founded in 2004 by an international team including Canadian Director Douglas Hajek, American Deputy Director, Jeffrey Buehler and Croatian Natasa Babic. Senior university management also includes Stefano Cavagnetto from Italy and George Allen from the United States.