Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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Parliament of Tasmania (Q3365524)

The Parliament of Tasmania is the bicameral legislature of the Australian state of Tasmania. It follows a Westminster-derived parliamentary system and consists of the Governor of Tasmania, the Tasmanian House of Assembly (the lower house), and Tasmanian Legislative Council (the upper house). Since 1841, both Houses have met in Parliament House, Hobart. The Parliament of Tasmania first met in 1856.

Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (Q331541)

The Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) is a legally binding international treaty signed in 2001 and entered into force on 1 February 2004 when South Africa ratified as the fifth Party to the agreement.

10 Murray Street (Q4546890)

10 Murray Street was the address of the State Offices building in Hobart, and the name by which the building is frequently known. It was a Brutalist office building located behind Parliament House and close to Salamanca Place. The building was fully occupied by the State Government of Tasmania and is located next to Parliament House. They were directly linked via a skyway. 10 Murray Street was demolished in 2018 as part of the Parliament Square redevelopment.

Ingle Hall (Q24089964)

Ingle Hall is a landmark building in Hobart, Tasmania on the corner of Macquarie and Argyle Streets. It has served numerous purposes over its history and is vacant; it was most recently used as The Mercury print museum. It is unknown when the building was built as it predates any government record holding by the state of Tasmania, which began in 1822. It is named for John Ingle, one of the two possible first inhabitants of the building.

Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music (Q7687442)

The University of Tasmania Conservatorium of Music offers students an integrated music education based on best international contemporary arts practice.

Holy Trinity Church, North Hobart (Q24190288)

Holy Trinity Church is a former Anglican, and now Greek Orthodox, church in North Hobart, Tasmania.

Hobart Bus Station (Q5874670)

The Hobart Bus Mall is a section of Elizabeth Street which serves as Metro Tasmania's primary bus terminus in Hobart's CBD. It is utilised by thousands of commuters every day, bringing city workers into Hobart from outlying suburbs, and the neighbouring cities of Clarence and Glenorchy, as well as nearby Richmond, Cambridge and Kingborough. The mall is the section of Elizabeth Street, located between Macquarie Street, and Collins Street. There are also several stops located in nearby Franklin Square.

Parliament Square, Hobart (Q7138919)

"Parliament Square" is the name given to the upcoming redevelopment of the block directly behind Parliament House in Hobart, Tasmania. The site is in close proximity to the waterfront and is bounded by Davey Street to the north, Murray Street to the east, Salamanca Place to the west and Parliament House to the south. The block has an approximate area of 7,322 m². The eight buildings that comprise the site in its present form range in height from two to 14 levels and are connected by a number of laneways and car parks. While some of the buildings are used as government offices, major sections of the site are empty. The site includes the former St Mary’s Hospital, the Red Brick Building, 34 West Davey Street, the former Government Printing Office building at 2-4 Salamanca Place and the former PABX building; and Government offices at 10 Murray Street, 12 Murray Street and 34 Davey Street, all of which are occupied by the State Government.

Victoria Dock (Q7926690)

Victoria Dock, in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, is a key dock for Australian Antarctic supply vessels and one of the oldest docks in Tasmania.

Elizabeth Street Mall (Q20861538)

Elizabeth Street Mall is a pedestrian street mall in Hobart, Tasmania. It is located on Elizabeth Street between Collins Street and Liverpool Street. It is the largest shopping area in the Hobart city centre. It is also a busy meeting place and busking area.