Bastille (Q1865480)

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way: Paris Bastille (OSM), 275 m from Wikidata [show tags]
atm: yes
name: Paris Bastille
amenity: post_office
building: yes
operator: La Poste
phone:FR: 3631
architect: J. Bukiet
start_date: 1935
wheelchair: yes
addr:postcode: 75004
copy_facility: yes
opening_hours: Mo-Fr 09:00-19:00;Sa 09:00-13:00
change_machine: yes
ref:FR:LaPoste: 14248A
stamping_machine: yes
architect:wikidata: Q3184680
architect:wikipedia: fr:Joseph Bukiet

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house (Q3947) amenity=shelter, building=house
prison (Q40357) amenity=prison
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residence (Q699405) amenity=shelter
work of art (Q838948) tourism=artwork

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