Matching criteria

Agricultural buildings (4km) house name

Aircraft hangars (10km) area

Airports (10km) area

  • categories: Airports
  • trim: airport, international airport, aerodome

Apartment buildings (0.5km) house name

Aquaria (4km) house name

  • categories: Aquaria (268)
  • trim: aquarium

Archaeological sites (10km) area

Archipelagoes (20km) area

Art museums and galleries (2km)

Arts centres (2km) house name

  • categories: Arts centres
  • trim: arts centre, arts centre, art center, art centre, center for the arts, centre for the arts, gallery

Astronomical observatories (3km) house name

Barracks (1km) house name

  • categories: Barracks (377)
  • trim: barracks

Basins (10km) area

Battlefields (20km)

Beaches (10km)

Bell towers (2km) house name

  • categories: Bell towers (151)
  • trim: bell tower, tower
Wikidata: Q200334

Bookshops (5km)

Bridges (2km)

  • categories: Bridges
  • trim: bridge, aqueduct
Wikidata: Q12280

Buildings and structures under construction (5km) area

Bus stations (4km)

  • categories: Bus stations (394)
  • trim: bus station, bus terminal, transit center, transit centre

Business districts (5km) area

Business schools (2km)

Campsites (10km)

Campuses (1km) area

  • categories: Campuses
  • trim: university, school, college

Canals (30km)

Casinos (5km)

  • categories: Casinos (445)
  • trim: resort, casino, lounge, casino resort

Castles (1km) house name

  • categories: Castles
  • trim: castle, castell, museum

Cathedrals (5km) house name

Caves (10km)

  • categories: Caves
  • trim: cave

Cemeteries (2km)

  • categories: Cemeteries
  • trim: cemetery, grave yard, burial ground, burying ground
Wikidata: Q39614

Chapels (1km) house name

Cinemas and movie theaters (1km) house name

Cities (10km) area

  • categories: Cities
  • trim: city

Cities and towns (15km) area

City walls (1km)

  • categories: City walls (253)
  • trim: city walls, walls

Civil parishes (10km) area

Cliffs (40km)

  • categories: Cliffs (146)
  • trim: cliff, rock, bluff, point

Clinics (2km) house name

  • categories: Clinics (72)
  • trim: clinic

Clubs and societies (5km)

Colleges (5km) house name area

Comedy venues (4km)

Commercial buildings (0.5km) house name

Communication towers (2km) house name

Community centres (5km)

Convenience stores (4km) house name

Convention centers (4km)

Country houses (5km)

Courthouses (4km)

Dams (10km)

  • categories: Dams
  • trim: dam

Department store buildings (4km) house name

Depressions (10km)

Diplomatic missions by receiving country (4km) house name

Docks (maritime) (2km)

Farms (10km) area

  • categories: Farms
  • trim: farm

Filling stations (5km)

  • categories: Filling stations (212)
  • trim: petrol station, filling station, gas station

Fire stations (2km) house name

Folly buildings (2km) area

Food markets (1km) house name

Football clubs (5km)

Forests (60km) area

  • categories: Forests
  • trim: wood, forset

Forts (2km)

  • categories: Forts
  • trim: fort
Wikidata: Q57821

Fountains (2km)

Gaelic games (5km)

Garden centres (4km) house name

Gardens (5km)

Glaciers (20km) area

Golf clubs and courses (10km) area

Government buildings (5km) house name

Greyhound racing venues (4km)

Hackerspaces (5km) house name

  • categories: Hackerspaces (40)
  • trim: hackerspace, hacklab, makerspace, hackspace, space

Hamlets (10km)

Hardware stores (1km)

Heliports (10km) area

  • categories: Heliports (340)
  • trim: airport, heliport

Hindu temples (1km) house name

Historic sites (2km) area

Horse racing venues (10km) area

Hospitals (2km) house name

Hostels (1km) house name

  • categories: Hostels (88)
  • trim: hostel

Hotels (2km) house name

  • categories: Hotels
  • trim: hotel, resort, motel

Houses (0.5km) house name

Housing estates (10km) area

Ice rinks (2km)

  • categories: Ice rinks
  • trim: centre, center, ice rink

Individual trees (2km) area

Industrial buildings (5km) house name

Islands (20km) area

  • categories: Islands
  • trim: island, atoll

Lakes & ponds (15km) area

  • categories: Lakes , Ponds (77)
  • trim: lake, water, pond

Libraries (2km) house name

Wikidata: Q7075

Lighthouses (2km) house name

Locks (2km)

  • categories: Locks (317)

Long-distance footpaths (4km)

Marinas (10km)

  • categories: Marinas (173)
  • trim: marina, club

Meadows (2km)

Metropolitan boroughs (4km)

Military installations (10km) area

Mines (10km) area

  • categories: Mines
  • trim: mine

Monasteries (5km) house name

Monuments and memorials (3km)

Mosques (1km) house name

Motels (5km) house name

  • categories: Motels (75)
  • trim: hotel, resort, motel

Mountain huts (5km) house name

Mountain passes (4km)

Museum ships (5km)

Museums (1km)

Music venues (1km) house name

National parks (20km) area

Nature reserves (10km) area

Neighbourhoods (8km) area

Non-metropolitan districts (4km)

Oil platforms (10km)

Orchards (4km) area

  • categories: Orchards (15)
  • trim: orchard

Orphanages (4km)

Palaces (3km) house name

Parks (5km) area

Peaks (3km)

Pharmacies (1km) house name

  • categories: Pharmacies (225)
  • trim: chemist, pharmacy, drug store

Piers (5km)

  • categories: Piers (264)
  • trim: pier

Places of worship (1km) house name

  • categories: Places of worship , Churches
  • trim: church, temple, church centre, church center, centre, center, catholic church, church of

Playgrounds (4km)

Post office buildings (1km) house name

Power stations (10km)

Prisons (5km)

Pubs (1km)

Quarries (10km) area

Quarters (5km) area

Radio masts and towers (5km)

Railway depots (2km)

Railway lines (4km)

Railway stations (2km)

Rapid transit stations (1km)

Rapids (5km)

  • categories: Rapids
  • trim: rapids

Reefs (15km)

  • categories: Reefs (384)

Research institutes (1km)

Reservoirs (20km) area

Residential buildings (0.5km) house name

Rest areas (4km)

Restaurant districts and streets (5km)

Restaurants (6km) house name

  • categories: Restaurants
  • trim: cafe, restaurant, diner, tea room, coffee shop, inn, grill, lounge

Retail markets (4km)

Rivers (30km)

  • categories: Rivers
  • trim: river, waterway, stream

Road junctions (1km)

Rock formations (20km) area

Roller coasters (1km) area

Roundabouts (1km)

Rowing clubs (2km)

Ruins (20km)

Runestones (1km)

Schools (1.5km) house name

  • categories: Schools
  • trim: school, house, preparatory school

Seaside resorts (10km)

Seats of local government (0.5km)

Sewage treatment plants (10km)

Shopping malls (5km) house name

Shops (5km)

  • categories: Shops
  • trim: shop

Skateparks (2km)

Ski areas and resorts (2km) area

Skyscrapers (1km)

Slums (8km) area

  • categories: Slums (157)

Sport venues (2km)

Springs (10km)

Squares and plazas (1km)

Stadiums (4km)

Street lighting (4km)

Studios & radio stations (4km) house name

Suburbs (10km) area

Supermarkets (1km) house name

Swamps (10km) area

  • categories: Swamps (56)
  • trim: swamp

Swimming venues (2km) house name

Synagogues (1km) house name

Theatres (3km) house name

  • categories: Theatres
  • trim: theatre, theater, playhouse, opera house, theatre company, theater company

Tourist attractions (10km)

Towers (2km) house name

  • categories: Towers
  • trim: tower

Townlands (5km) area

Towns (15km) area

  • categories: Towns
  • trim: city, town, town of, CP

Townships (5km) area

Tram stops (4km)

Tunnels (10km)

Unitary authority districts (4km)

Universities (3km) area

Valleys (10km)

Villages (5km) area

  • categories: Villages
  • trim: CP, village, town

Volcanoes (4km) area

Wards of (4km) area

Warehouses (5km)

Water parks (5km) area

Water supply and sanitation (4km)

Water towers (2km)

Wikidata: Q274153

Waterfalls (3km)

Wetlands (20km) area

  • categories: Wetlands
  • trim: wetland, swamp, bog, lake, water, lagoon, fen, nature reserve, marsh

Wind farms (6km) area

Windmills (2km)

  • categories: Windmills
  • trim: mill, wind mill

World heritage sites (4km)

Yacht clubs (2km)

Zoos (10km) area

  • categories: Zoos
  • trim: zoo