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Austin State Hospital (ASH), formerly known until 1925 as the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, is a 299-bed psychiatric hospital located in Austin, Texas. It is the oldest psychiatric facility in the state of Texas, and the oldest continuously operating west of the Mississippi River. It is operated by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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El Hospital Estatal Austin[1]​ (Austin State Hospital, ASH) es un hospital psiquiátrico del Departamento Estatal de Servicios de Salud de Texas en Austin, Texas, Estados Unidos. El Hospital Estatal Austin, el primer hospital psiquiátrico oeste del Río Misisipi en los Estados Unidos, proporciona servicios para adultos y niños.[2]​ En 1856 el Gobernador de Texas autorizó la creación del Texas State Lunatic Asylum. En 1925 el hospital ganó su nuevo nombre, Austin State Hospital.[2]

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name: Austin State Hospital
phone: +1 512 452 0381
amenity: hospital
wikidata: Q4823299
addr:city: Austin
emergency: no
wikipedia: en:Austin State Hospital
healthcare: hospital
addr:street: Guadalupe Street
addr:postcode: 78751
social_facility: group_home
addr:housenumber: 4110
social_facility:for: mental_health
healthcare:speciality: psychiatry

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