Kaga Shi (Q49105128)

  • matcher place: Ishikawa Prefecture (relation 3794726), Honshu (relation 6677259)
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Wikidata location: 36.2550, 136.3797 view on OSM or edit on OSM


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relation: 加賀市 (OSM)exact location match [show tags]
name: 加賀市
source: KSJ2/N03
name:en: Kaga
name:ja: 加賀市
name:zh: 加賀市
boundary: administrative
name:ja_rm: Kaga-Shi
admin_level: 7
name:ja_kana: かがし
name:zh-Hans: 加贺市
name:zh-Hant: 加賀市

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administrative territorial entity (Q56061) boundary=administrative