Cabrera (Santa Maria de Corcó) (Q5015822)

Wikidata location: 42.0761, 2.4072 view on OSM or edit on OSM


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node: Cabrera (OSM), 72 m from Wikidata [show tags]
ele: 1306.00
ref: 29484
name: Cabrera
is_in: Catalunya,Spain,Europe
note_1: ele tag of this node has been automatically edited by user cdavila, to correct errors: comma as decimal separator has been changed by point and " m." has been removed as unit.
ign:red: Red Geodesica Nacional Convencional (ROI)
natural: peak
man_made: survey_point
ign:latitud: 42.0756342463010000
ign:longitud: 2.4072345226670002
node: Cabrera (OSM), 14 m from Wikidata [show tags]
ele: 1307
name: Cabrera
natural: peak

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