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Detonator: Bombs Away (previously known as Detonator from 2001-2014) is a tower ride at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, England, UK. It was manufactured by Fabbri and is a 'Mega Drop Tower'. It opened in 2001 along with two other 'flat' rides, Vortex and Zodiac. It is around 115 ft (35 m) and is not released via a computer. The ride operator at the bottom has a button which he/she can press to make the car go at any time once the car has reached the top. Once released, the car is fired downwards by pneumatics rather than simply falling under gravity, the ride reaches a speed of 46 mph at the base of the drop, giving the impression of weightlessness for riders. For the 2011 season on ride photos were added. These were later removed in the 2013 season. The ride made a world record for most g force on a free fall ride with 5.5.

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