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Hard Wax is a record shop located in the Kreuzberg borough of Berlin, Germany. It was founded in December 1989 by Mark Ernestus at the ground floor of a Reichenberger Straße’s building. It is specialized in techno music, reggae, dub and dubstep. Hard Wax also serves as a distributor for several Berlin-based record labels linked to the Basic Channel aesthetic. Some members (or former members) of its staff are prominent DJs like DJ Hell, Gernot Bronsert of Modeselektor, Marcel Dettmann, DJ Rok, Gabriele „Mo“ Loschelder or Electric Indigo (Susanne Kirchmayr) who was in charge of sales from 1993 to 1996. The shop sets place a mail order system through its website (which represented 50% of the sales in 2009).

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Hard Wax est un magasin de disques indépendant situé à Berlin.

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name: Hard Wax
shop: music
level: 3
phone: +49 30 61130111
website: https://hardwax.com/
wikidata: Q821552
addr:city: Berlin
wheelchair: no
addr:street: Paul-Lincke-Ufer
addr:suburb: Kreuzberg
addr:country: DE
addr:postcode: 10999
opening_hours: Mo-Sa 12:00-20:00
addr:housenumber: 44a

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