Match: Q14629139 + way/185984472

  • Wikidata: Sant Boi Bridge (Q14629139)
  • OSM: Sant Boi (way 185984472)
  • matcher place: Barcelona (relation 349035)
  • distance between Wikidata coordinates and OSM location: 1.19 km
  • English Wikipedia categories: Bridges in Catalonia
  • Tags from Wikidata and Wikipedia: bridge, building, building=bridge, building=yes, man_made=bridge, type=bridge
Wikidata location: 41.3498, 2.0540 view on OSM

Match details

OSM tag name=Sant Boi matches Sant Boi Bridge in these Wikidata fields:

  • label: en
  • sitelink: enwiki
  • extract: enwiki

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Bridges in Catalonia building=bridge, man_made=bridge, type=bridge, bridge