Avonmouth explosion (Q103820558)

Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

On 3 December 2020, at about 11:20 GMT, a silo containing biosolids exploded in Avonmouth, Bristol, UK, killing four men, including a 16-year old apprentice, and injuring another person. Avon and Somerset Police declared a major incident, and a doctor and specialist paramedic in critical care from the nearby Great Western Air Ambulance headquarters attended the incident by both their rapid response car and emergency helicopter.

Summary from Français / French Wikipedia (frwiki)

L'explosion d'Avonmouth est survenue le vers 11 h 20 GMT lorsqu'un silo contenant des biosolides a explosé à Avonmouth, dans la banlieue de Bristol, au Royaume-Uni, tuant quatre personnes et en blessant une autre. La police d'Avon et de Somerset (en) a déclaré un incident majeur.

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