Puerta de Alcalá (Q1140634)

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way: Puerta de Alcalá (OSM), 5 m from Wikidata [show tags]
name: Puerta de Alcalá
height: 15.24
tourism: attraction
building: yes
historic: monument
addr:city: Madrid
wikipedia: es:Puerta de Alcalá
addr:country: ES
node: La puerta de Alcalá (OSM), 11 m from Wikidata [show tags]
name: La puerta de Alcalá
name:es: La puerta de Alcalá
name:ru: Ворота Алькала
historic: monument

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cultural heritage (Q210272) protect_class=22
Bien de Interés Cultural (Q23712) protection_title=Bien de Interés Cultural
monument (Q4989906) historic=monument
work of art (Q838948) tourism=artwork

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City gates in Spain barrier=gate, historic=gate, tourism=attraction
Monuments and memorials in Spain historic=memorial, memorial:type=statue, tourism, memorial=statue, historic=monument