Dulwich College (Q1264867)

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way: Dulwich College (OSM)exact location match [show tags]
name: Dulwich College
amenity: school
barrier: fence
wikipedia: en:Dulwich College
addr:street: Dulwich Common
addr:postcode: SE21 7LD
way: Dulwich Preparatory School (OSM), 487 metres from Wikidata [show tags]
name: Dulwich Preparatory School
building: school
way: DUCKS Kindergarten and Infants' School (OSM), 0.60 miles from Wikidata [show tags]
name: DUCKS Kindergarten and Infants' School
amenity: school
fhrs:id: 364233
website: http://www.dulwich.org.uk/ducks
operator: Dulwich College
addr:city: London
addr:street: College Road
isced:level: 0-1
addr:country: GB
addr:postcode: SE21 7HH
fhrs:authority: Southwark
addr:housenumber: 87

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