Leigh Academy Blackheath (Q68325435)

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Leigh Academy Blackheath is an 11–18 mixed, free secondary school and sixth form in Blackheath, Greater London, England. It was established in September 2018 in temporary accommodation, with the first cohort of Year 7 pupils. It is part of the Leigh Academies Trust.

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way: Leigh Academy Blackheath (house name: Leigh Academy Blackheath) (OSM)exact location match [show tags]
name: Leigh Academy Blackheath
phone: +44 20 8104 0888
amenity: school
max_age: 18
min_age: 11
website: https://leighacademyblackheath.org.uk/
capacity: 1150
old_name: Backheath Bluecoat Church of England School
operator: Leigh Academies Trust
religion: none
wikidata: Q68325435
addr:city: London
addr:street: Old Dover Road
isced:level: 2;3
ref:GB:uprn: 100023269325
ref:edubase: 145895
school:type: free
school:trust: yes
addr:postcode: SE3 8SY
school:gender: mixed
addr:housename: Leigh Academy Blackheath
ref:edubase:group: 3725
school:trust:name: Leigh Academies Trust
school:trust:type: multi_academy

wikidata match: Q68325435

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