Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands, The Netherlands
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Fraai pand met rechte gootlijst, onder hoog zadeldak, kruisvensters waarboven afwisselend bogen en rechte strekken, hardstenen blokversiering, rijkelijk in de gevel zijn toegepast (Q17196085) search tags: building

St. Joseph Kerk, Haarlem (Q7589337) search tags: amenity=place_of_worship, building=church, man_made=tower

Zuidschalkwijk (Q974563) search tags: admin_level, boundary=administrative, landuse=residential, place

This item might be defunct. The English Wikipedia article is in these categories: Former municipalities of North Holland

Vreedehoff (Q17254964) more than one candidate found

SV Alliance '22 (Q2937428) search tags: club=sport

Catharijnebrug (Q4347683) more than one candidate found

Melkbrug (Q17255297) more than one candidate found

Brouwersvaart (Q27895243) more than one candidate found

Begijnebrug (Q5095596) more than one candidate found

Haarlem railway station (Q800863) search tags: building=train_station, public_transport=station, public_transport=stop_area, railway=facility, railway=halt, railway=station, railway=tram_stop, site=railway, site=railway_station, site=station, type=site

Kruisbrug (Q17255282) more than one candidate found

Nassaubrug (Q17255300) more than one candidate found

Vlietsorg of het 'Kleine Paviljoen' (Q17195936) search tags: building

Langebrug (Q38187739) more than one candidate found

Pastoor van Arskerk (Q18813164) search tags: amenity=place_of_worship, building=church