Leusden, Utrecht, Netherlands, The Netherlands
category: boundary — type: administrative — OSM: relation 310002

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Asschat (Q2482692) search tags: place

Leusden-Zuid (Q2201678) search tags: place, place=village

Rusthof cemetery (Q7382479) search tags: amenity=grave_yard, amenity=place_of_worship, landuse=cemetery

Heiligenbergerbeek (Q5589331) search tags: waterway=stream

Leusderheide (Q2743563) search tags: military, military=range

RODA '46 (Q2251004) search tags: club=sport, sport=soccer

Stichting Nationaal Monument Kamp Amersfoort (Q19974153) search tags: historic=monument, tourism=artwork, tourism=attraction, tourism=museum

Snorrenhoef (Q630291) search tags: place, place=village

Dorpskerk Leusden-Zuid (Q17415556) search tags: amenity=place_of_worship, building=church, religion=christian