Newmarket, Forest Heath, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom
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R Cotton's Ground, Newmarket (Q7278190)

R. Cotton's Ground (also known today as The Severals) is a cricket ground in Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. The first recorded match on the ground was in 1864, when a combined Cambridge and Yorkshire team played a combined Kent and Nottinghamshire team in the grounds only first-class match. The first Minor Counties Championship match held on the ground was in 1908, when Cambridgeshire played Suffolk. From 1908 to 1911, the ground hosted 4 Minor Counties Championship matches, with the final Minor Counties fixture seeing Cambridgeshire entertain Suffolk.

Newmarket Heath (Q30625575)

Newmarket Heath is a 279.3 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Newmarket in Suffolk. It covers most of Newmarket Racecourse.