50 West Street (Q1710345)

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50 West Street is a 64-story, 778 ft (237 m) tall mixed-use retail and residential condominium tower developed by Time Equities Inc. in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It contains 191 residential units.

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50 West Street es un rascacielos de 64 plantas y 237 metros de altura de uso mixto (comercial y residencial) promovido por Time Equities Inc. en Lower Manhattan, Nueva York. Contiene 191 apartamentos.[3]

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name: 50 West Street
height: 239
landuse: construction
wikidata: Q1710345
addr:city: New York City
addr:state: NY
start_date: 2008
addr:street: West Street
addr:housenumber: 50

wikidata match: Q1710345

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