Constance, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Konstanz, Landkreis Konstanz, Regierungsbezirk Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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Dominicans Island (Q827120) search tags: admin_level, boundary=administrative, landuse=residential, place, place=island, place=islet

Botanical Garden of the University of Konstanz (Q4948481) search tags: garden:type=botanical, landuse, leisure=garden, natural=wood

Petershausen (Q592306) more than one candidate found

Konstanz station (Q438791) search tags: building=train_station, public_transport=station, public_transport=stop_area, railway=facility, railway=halt, railway=station, railway=tram_stop, site=railway, site=railway_station, site=station, type=site

Dingelsdorf (Q20791740) search tags: admin_level, place, place=quarter

Egg (Q21039590) search tags: admin_level, place, place=quarter

Schwedenturm (Q1530463) search tags: building=tower, man_made=tower

Bismarck tower (Q866542) search tags: building=tower, historic=monument, man_made=tower, tourism=artwork

Fürstenberg (Q21039796) search tags: admin_level, place, place=quarter

Stadtbücherei Konstanz (Q28662142) search tags: amenity=library

Dettingen-Wallhausen (Q1201584) search tags: admin_level

Rosgartenmuseum (Q2167344) search tags: tourism=attraction, tourism=museum

Amtsgericht Konstanz (Q480811) search tags: amenity=courthouse