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Wikidata location: 38.9025, -77.0329 view on OSM

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OSM tag name=Downtown matches Downtown in these Wikidata fields:

  • label: sco
  • extract: enwiki

OSM tag name=Downtown matches Downtown, Washington, D.C. in these Wikidata fields:

  • sitelink: scowiki

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Central business districts in the United States place=suburb, landuse=residential, landuse=retail, type=site, shop=mall, admin_level, boundary=administrative, place, building=mall, place=neighbourhood, landuse=commercial, site=mall
Historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.C. landuse=residential, boundary=administrative, leisure=park, historic, place, boundary=protected_area, admin_level
Neighborhoods in Northwest (Washington, D.C.) landuse=residential, place=neighbourhood