Ramsgate, Thanet, Kent, South East, England, United Kingdom
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Clarendon House Grammar School (Q5126870)

Clarendon House Grammar School was a girls' grammar school in Ramsgate, Kent, England, established in 1905.

The Grange, Ramsgate (Q12058982)

The Grange (aka St Augustine's Grange) in Ramsgate, Kent, on the coast in southern England was the home of the Victorian architect and designer Augustus Pugin. He designed it in the Victorian Gothic style; it is a Grade I listed building.

St George's Boys School (Q7593117)

St George's Boy School was an all-boys boarding school in Ramsgate, Kent, England, in the 19th century right through till the mid-1970s, when it then joined St George's Girls C of E School at the current Broadstairs campus to form St Georges C of E Foundation School.

Winterstoke sun shelter and rock gardens (Q16903542)

The Winterstoke sun shelter and rock gardens are located on Victoria Parade, Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom.

St Augustine's Church, Ramsgate (Q21061786)

For the former monastic community in Ramsgate, please see St Augustine's Abbey, Chilworth.

St Peter's Court (Q20055558)

St Peter's Court was a prep school for boys at Broadstairs in Kent, U.K. In 1969 it merged with the nearby Wellesley House School and its site was redeveloped for housing.

Church Of St Laurence (Q17530199)

St Laurence's Church, also known as St Laurence-in-Thanet, is a Church of England parish church in Ramsgate, Thanet, Kent. The church, founded in 1062, is a grade I listed building, and is the oldest church in Ramsgate. The building was enlarged in the 12th and 13th centuries, including a chancel and side aisles being implemented. A lightning strike in 1439 resulted in the church being rebuilt, with the tower being raised to its present height.