Adelaide, 5000, City of Adelaide, South Australia, 5000, Australia
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South Australian Living Artists Festival (Q7566121)

The South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) is an annual free visual arts festival in South Australia.

Department of the Premier and Cabinet (Q19872854)

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is a department of the Government of South Australia. It provides central agency leadership on matters affecting South Australia’s prosperity. The department provides economic and policy advice to support the government’s strategic priorities, to maximise the value of its international relationships and to manage its ICT Strategy, innovation and investment.

Defence SA (Q28224042)

Defence SA is the Government of South Australia's lead agency for all defence matters. It is Australia's only stand-alone state defence organisation. The department encourages investment in and expansion of the defence sector while driving and supporting the delivery of major defence projects and facilities.

Samstag Museum (Q15274714)

The Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art was established c. 1977 as the "College Gallery" of the South Australian College of Advanced Education (SACAE) at its Underdale campus. Over the next 30 years it had several names and locations.

Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards (Q18165673)

Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards was a winery founded by Richard Hamilton (1792–1852) in the early days of the colony of South Australia.

Rundle Street (Q7379788)

Rundle Street is a street in the East End of the city centre of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It runs from Pulteney Street in the west to East Terrace, where it becomes Rundle Road. (A separate Rundle Street continues from Rundle Road through Kent Town). Its former western extent, which ran to King William Street, was closed in 1972 to form the pedestrian street of Rundle Mall. The street is in proximity to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Rymill Park, Hindmarsh Square and North Terrace.

Torrens University Australia (Q7827033)

Torrens University Australia is a private university with locations in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It is part of the Laureate International Universities network and is Australia's third private university.

South Australian School of Design (Q19879205)

The South Australian School of Design was an art school in the earliest days of the City of Adelaide, the progenitor of the South Australian School of Arts, a department of the University of South Australia.

Veale Gardens (Q7917694)

Veale Gardens is part of the Adelaide Parklands throughout and surrounding the City of Adelaide. It is located in the South Parklands surrounded by Greenhill and Peacock Roads, South Terrace, and Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue. The gardens can be entered by entrances on South Terrace.

Verco Building (Q7921007)

The Verco Building is situated in the Adelaide city centre at 178-179 North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, and is today part of the Myer Centre.

Wang Wang and Funi (Q7967654)

Wang Wang and Funi are two giant pandas on loan to Adelaide Zoo in Australia. The pandas are on loan for ten years, part of a conservation program to protect endangered wildlife.

UCL Australia (Q19880139)

UCL Australia is an international campus of the University College London, located on Victoria Square in Adelaide, South Australia. It has three parts: the School of Energy and Resources (SERAus), the International Energy Policy Institute (IEPI) and a branch of UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory. UCL Australia describes its university community as "welcoming, dynamic and influential."

Candid Camera (Q5031714)

Candid Camera: Australian Photography 1950s–1970s was a group retrospective exhibition of social documentary photography held at the Art Gallery of South Australia from 28 May to 1 August 2010.

Frome Road, Adelaide (Q5505736)

Frome Road (34.917°S 138.606°E / -34.917; 138.606) is a connecting road in the South Australian capital city of Adelaide. It starts from North Terrace in the Adelaide city centre, running in a northerly direction past the University of South Australia, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science and the University of Adelaide, and then through the Adelaide Parklands to the Adelaide Zoo where it turns northeasterly, crosses the River Torrens via Albert Bridge, and continues through the parklands to the intersection with Melbourne Street and Brougham Place in North Adelaide.

Hindley Street (Q5766110)

Hindley Street is located in the north-west quarter of the centre of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It runs between King William Street and West Terrace. The street was named after British parliamentarian and social reformist, Charles Hindley.

Gilles Street (Q5562090)

Gilles Street (34.934°S 138.609°E / -34.934; 138.609) is a street in the south-eastern sector of the centre of Adelaide, South Australia. It runs east-west between East Terrace and King William Street, crossing Hutt Street and Pulteney Street. It was named after Osmond Gilles, an early treasurer of the colony of South Australia on 23 May 1837.

Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden (Q7196839)

The Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden in Park 12 of the Park Lands of Adelaide, South Australia, is a tribute to the pioneer women of South Australia. The garden was designed by landscape designer Elsie Cornish (1887-1946), and the statue created by Ola Cohn was unveiled by Lady Muriel Barclay-Harvey (the wife of the Governor of South Australia, Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey) on 19 April 1941.

Calvary Wakefield Hospital (Q5024207)

Calvary Wakefield Hospital (previously Wakefield Hospital) is a private Catholic hospital in Adelaide, Australia founded in 1883. It provides acute care with inpatient and outpatient facilities. It also provides dental care and plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients.

Eynesbury Senior College (Q5422948)

Eynesbury Senior College is a private co-educational high school on Franklin Street in the city centre of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The college comprises a modern, five-storey, multi-function complex and caters for Year 10, 11 and 12 students.

IOOF Building (Q5972883)

IOOF Building may refer to two buildings in the centre of the city of Adelaide, South Australia. The first was built in the late 19th century and was demolished in the early-mid 1960s. As a result of this, the second was built as a "replacement" in the mid 1960s.

Media Resource Centre (Q6805535)

The Media Resource Centre is a not-for-profit film and television training organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia. The MRC is a member of the Screen Development Australia (SDA) national network. Other members include Metro Screen (NSW), Open Channel (Vic), QPIX (Qld), Wide Angle Tasmania (Tas), and FTI (WA).

Australian Society for Fish Biology (Q28220029)

The Australian Society for Fish Biology is a professional organisation of fish and fisheries researchers. Founded in 1971, the society describes itself as a "professional, independent, non-profit, non-commercial and non-aligned organisation." The Australian Society for Fish Biology holds annual conferences for its members, sometimes in partnership with related organisations such as the Oceania Chondrichthyan Society and the Australian Society for Limnology. Former presidents of the society include Gerry Allen (1979-81), Julian Pepperell (1991-93) and Bronwyn Gillanders (2012-13).

St Patrick's Church, Adelaide (Q24041409)

St Patrick's Church is a heritage-listed Roman Catholic church on Grote Street, Adelaide, South Australia. Opened in 1914, St Patrick's was built as a replacement for the original St. Patrick's church that is considered the first Catholic Church in Adelaide. Today the Church is used for services in languages other than English, including Portuguese and Croatian.

Beehive Corner (Q4879794)

The Beehive Corner is a landmark in the Adelaide city centre, on the north-eastern corner of King William Street and Rundle Street, centrally placed between the railway station and the city's shopping precinct.

Adelaide Arcade (Q4681666)

Adelaide Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade in the centre of Adelaide, South Australia.

Adelaide 500 (Q4635078)

The Adelaide 500 (previously known by its long-term sponsored name as the Clipsal 500 Adelaide or colloquially as Clipsal) is an annual motor racing event for Supercars, held on the streets of the east end of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. First held in 1999, the event uses a shortened form of the Adelaide Street Circuit, the former Australian Grand Prix track.

Adelaide Festival of Ideas (Q4681710)

The Adelaide Festival of Ideas (AFOI) fosters the public promulgation, discussion and critique of culturally and socially relevant ideas from South Australia, Australia, and around the world. It has been held every two years, over a period of three or four days. From 1999 until 2009 it ran in July. In 2011, 2013 and 2016 it ran in October. In 2018, the AFOI is held on 12-15 July.