Canal Street (Q1032558)

Summary from English Wikipedia (enwiki)

Canal Street is a major east–west street in Lower Manhattan, New York City, running from East Broadway between Essex and Jefferson Streets in the east, to West Street between Watts and Spring Streets in the west. It runs through the neighborhood of Chinatown, and forms the southern boundaries of SoHo and Little Italy as well as the northern boundary of Tribeca. The street acts as a major connector between Jersey City, New Jersey, via the Holland Tunnel (I-78), and Brooklyn, New York City, via the Manhattan Bridge. It is a two-way street for most of its length – from West Street to the Manhattan Bridge – with two unidirectional stretches between Forsyth Street and the Manhattan Bridge.

Summary from Español / Spanish Wikipedia (eswiki)

La Calle Canal o Canal Street es una calle en la ciudad de Nueva York, que cruza el bajo Manhattan y Nueva Jersey en el oeste (vía el túnel Holland y la I-78) hacia Brooklyn en el este (vía el Puente de Manhattan). Constituye la principal arteria de Chinatown, y la separa de la Pequeña Italia. También forma los límites del barrio de Tribeca y los límites sur de SoHo.

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